Area Landlords for Off Campus Rental Houses & Apartments

We are attempting to list all the Ann Arbor Student Housing Landlords & Property Managers we can find information for on this page. If there is a company website available it will be linked to the company name. Any phone numbers will be listed also.

New: There will be a separate page for all the new and very large student apartment buildings.

University of Michigan off campus apartments and rental houses – property managers, for under-grad and grad-student housing.

Sublets and Assume Existing Leases

Send an email if you’d like your sublet or lease opportunity posted here.

Ann Arbor Property Managers & Landlords

University Places (734) 478-2936

Dan’s Houses 734-320-2100

Kaz Management  248-330-0396

Joyce Properties 610-952-5269

Copi Properties   734-663-5609

CareOne Rental  734-891-4167

828 Greene Street Apartments 734-418-2050

Pappas Rentals 734-649-1765

Fine Quality Apartments 734.769.5764

Hill Street Properties 734-260-4003

PMSI 734-665-5552

Prime Student Housing 734-761-8000

QR Management 734-741-5021

Cabrio Properties 734-994-7374

Spaly Group 734-769-7000

Keys Management 734-651-1593

Metro Property Services 734-668-6686

Holland Management 734-747-2344

Horvath Properties 734-972-7368

Deinco Properties 734-996-1991

Hanna Realty LLC  248-504-9932

Oxford Companies (formerly Arch) 734.995.9200

Campus Management Inc. CMI 734-663-4101

HGE Properties 734-971-7850

Chen Investment Property 734-769-5254

Carlson Properties 734-332-6000

1 up management  734-678-0122

Jones Properties 734-668-1118

Keystone Properties 734-663-2284

Investors Property Management 734-662-8832

JMS Properties 734-222-9033

Varsity Management  734-668-1100

Gruber Management 734-668-1111

Michigan Commercial Realty 734-662-5500

Wessinger Properties 734-747-6372

PTP Management 734-657-2096

Michigan Rental 734-327-0529

Old Town Realty 734-663-8989

Oppenheimer Properties 734-995-5575

J Keller Properties 734-369-8239

Tree City Properties 734-994-8733

Wickfield Properties ( was  Madison Property Company) 734-369-2100

Bartonbrook Properties 734-665-5620

Cappo Management 734-996-1991

Big House Rentals 734-223-9879

Pepper Properties 810-231-0229

Arborstone Properties 734-332-4218

CMB Property Management  734-741-9300

These below are much smaller businesses or have only a single house or apartment Contact Info

Vaughn Street Apartments 734-668-1100

YKM Properties 734-649-0190

Cole Properties 734-834-4010


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